Inverter V155-S Lincoln

Lincoln Electric Group, based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robot welding arcs, fume control systems, plasma cutting.

Lincoln Electric  is growing and innovating. In addition, the company has been licensed the Robotics and NanoSteel helical technology for welding coatings, high performance thermal spray technology.


  • Invertec V155-S Lincoln welding machine with DC TIG welding and welding
  • Invertec V155-S arc welding machine


Input 1 phase -120/230
Frequency 50Hz/60hz
Line out 130A/15.2V/30%155A/16.2V/30%
Input 22.8A28.8A
About the line out 5A-155A
Size 288 mm x 158 mm x 392 mm
Mass 6.67 kg