ESAB Fabricator 141i

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ESAB Fabricator 141i – 110 Volt Mig/Tig/Stick Machine Part# W1003141

Product Number: W1003141
$564.00SAVE $178.00(Reg. $742.00)


Victor Technologies

ESAB Fabricator 141i Welder #W1003141


This new ESAB Fabricator 141i Welder will output 140 amps of MIG and TIG welding and 90 amps for your Stick welding projects. This welder is primarily for small scale DIY (do it yourself) projects. This welder operates on a standard 115 volt input power and comes complete with 15 amp or 20 amp adapter.

It only weighs 33 pounds so it’s easy to move and use anywhere in your house or shop, no more lugging or pushing around a big heavy welder. This welder packs enough punch to get the job done without weighing a pound more than it needs to. Not only is the Fabricator lightweight and easy to use, its superior safety features will keep you and your shop safe on the job no matter what. This welder comes with overload protection, a flow gauge regulator, and a fan on the welder that removes dust and dirt being sucked into the machine.

The Fabricator 141i is a great tool for the price. It comes with a Victor Argon Regulator and 10 foot hose. The Argon Regulator is an amazing piece of welding technology, helping you keep your weld safe and under control for FREE is a steal when you buy the ESAB Fabricator 141i.

Welders Supply Company has this in stock right now, and we will ship this great unit FREE to the lower 48 states. The ESAB Fabricator 141i portable welding machine is sure to be the perfect addition to your shop.


J Tillman Grain/Split Cowhide MIG Glove Part#52 Tweco 300 Amp Copper Ground Clamp Part #GC-300 Fabshield® 21B 10lb Spool #21B for general purpose welding applications


  • Fabricator 141i Power Supply
  • 10 ft. Tweco 140A Mig Gun
  • Victor Flowgauge Regulator
  • Tweco 13 ft. 200A Electrode Holder
  • Tweco ground clamp
  • Drive rolls
  • 9 ft. power cord and carrying strap
  • Tig torch kit available as an option
  • Portable
  • Digital Meters to preview and post view parameters
  • Easy set up chart
  • Remote receptacle for Foot Controls and Spoolgun
  • Easy polarity changes
  • Overload protection
  • Fan on demand reduces dust and contaminants being pulled through the machine

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Primary Power

Primary Voltage 115 VAC
Supply Voltage Range 95 140 VAC
Number of Phases Single Phase
Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Supply Plug NEMA 5-20P
Rated kVA @ 140 AMP 5 kVA
Lead Cord Length 10 ft (3m)

Replacement Items & Consumables

Tweco Fusion™ 140 Amp MIG Gun, w/ 10ft (3m) Cable 1017-1321
        Velocity™ Nozzle 1/2″ Bore 1220-1200
        Universal Conduit Liner 1420-1113
        Velocity Contact Tip, .023″ 1110-1308
        Velocity Contact Tip, .030″ 1110-1309
        Velocity Contact Tip, .035″ 1110-1310
Electrode Holder, w/ 13ft (4m) lead, 25mm Dinse W7003106
Ground Clamp, w/ 10ft (3m) Lead, 25mm Dinse W7003105
Victor® Argon Flowguage Regulator 0781-9411
Gas Hose, 12.5 ft, Male 5/8-18UNF W4013900
Power Adapter – 115V, 20A to 15A W4013300
Dinse Adapter, 50mm to 25mm W4017500