Amazon has official non-employee stores

Amazon’s first non-payroll store will be available today from 22 January in Seattle.

Ecommerce will bring Amazon Go into operation for the first time today (22/1). The store is open in Seattle, where the company is headquartered. Amazon may open more in the future but only focus on this first store.

From 2016, the e-commerce giant introduced the non-payment shop – Amazon Go. Originally scheduled to open early last year.

In March, however, the  Wall Street Journal  reported that developing the new Amazon store was more difficult than initially thought. US businesses denied this yesterday. “There is no problem with technology,” Amazon told  CNN .

* Inside Amazon’s non-employee store

Customers must scan the Amazon Go app when visiting Amazon’s non-payment store. The sensors will track the movements and charge each client item to take into their Amazon account.

Then, people can leave the store without paying. Amazon Go offers groceries, ready meals, cold drinks and cooking utensils.

During the testing phase, employees are allowed to shop at the store. According to an Amazon spokesman, the transaction volume from the company’s employees was higher than expected.

“We were able to learn everything from just one customer group,” the spokesman said.

Currently, Amazon operates 13 bookstores throughout the United States and three other locations are about to open. The company also acquired Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion in June.