Provide all kinds of protective equipment

TYCO  is a leading brand in the marine field, specializing in supplying CO2 fire extinguishers on the floor, fire extinguisher spare parts such as spray nozzle, spray nozzle, fire alarm, HSE equipment such as protective clothing, SCBA system and communication signal. Specialized products for drilling rig with the most secure requirements.

TYCO also proud to have completed many new projects for the maintenance of safety systems on drilling rigs around the world.

Featured Products

+ CO2 gas

+ high pressure CO2 gas

Low pressure CO2 gas

+ NOVEC 1230

  • Specialized fire protection system

+ Water spray system: a completely new application to reduce the cost, simple, convenient and does not affect the equipment.

Foam Hot Foam System: Low cost and replacement of Co2 gas system and high pressure water jet

+ chemical protection clothing

fire extinguisher